Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing is fishing that is done in the shallow waters. The places that are popular to do fishing with this type is in bays and estuaries. This type of fishing is done on the Gulf Coast and also in the south-east side of the United States. The tackle that is used in this type of fishing varies. They could be simplified into two. the one is light setup and the other is a heavy setup of its arsenal.  This could be based on what type of fish they can or want to catch.

The light tackle is used when your purpose is to catch small fish like pompano, trout, Spanish mackerel, flounder and the smaller redfish. As the rod being used is light so it could be whipped in long casts using small bait. Inshore fishing usually can require long casts and a precise one because the fish could be spooky as the water is clear. It is best if the reel has a smooth drag. When it comes to the heavy rod for inshore fishing, you are targeting fish like cobia, shark, large redfish, tarpon, and tripletail.

The use of a live bait when inshore fishing is very effective. They recommend to use a hook that is the circle and small and then you add a split shot which is small from the hook but only a few inches distance. The weight would then restrain the live bait so that it cannot swim into the surface. There are many who practice inshore fishing.